Perspectives of a Northerner

IMG-20150817-00646We are all here for no reason. No reason at all. Only when you realise that, can you start living instead of existing.

Stop worrying about the little things, gain some perspective and take that leap of faith that sparks something inside of you that lets your heart know YOU ARE ALIVE.

I’m not saying throw yourself out of an aircraft (although I intend to do that on the 18th of August). I’m trying to say that it’s called a ‘comfort zone’ for a reason, because when you’re comfortable you’re lured into this false sense of security that you’re safe and nothing can go wrong when in actual fact, a ‘comfort zone’ merely masks what your subconscious is trying to repress.

Life isn’t guaranteed whether you live in your ‘comfort zone’ or not. If I were to compare the ‘comfort zone’ with an everyday northerners life, it would go something like this: Everyday you sit in your armchair that is gathering dust. A blanket rests on the top and slips down, directly in your eye line. You are on the verge of falling asleep and you’re too comfortable to get up and move it so you leave it there, letting it hide the real world and allowing your imagination to fill in the blanks. It makes you think that nothing that goes on outside the blanket affects you and that you may as well leave it there till you eventually fall asleep. To remove the blanket would wake you up and mean you are forced to recognise that you can’t escape the inevitable sleep that will come. Your situation doesn’t change whether the blanket is there or not, but if you remove the blanket, you wake up for that moment longer (Sounds more like a Southerner’s life now I read it back.)

If you really are a Southerner and are not following- the blanket is your comfort zone and sleep is death. It’s going to happen whether the blanket is there or not but by removing the blanket- stepping out of your comfort zone- you exhort the possibility for the first time, that you might feel ALIVE.

If you’re: bored, a southerner that is offended by ‘northern banter’ or someone who doesn’t like to be forced to think existentially for a moment, then take one thing away from this messy, all-over-the-place writing which is… find one thing, just one thing that gets your heart to beat that little faster. A person? A passion? A desire? It doesn’t matter; if it’s worth it, you’ll reach out from under that blanket and grab it before you get too tired.



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