Today is as good a day as any!


I’ll start by reiterating that thought so it sinks in… today is as good a day as any.

Again, I’m still not telling you to quit your job and run away to live in Alaska (although that is tempting). I’m telling you to realise that the day to chase your dream may as well be today. Don’t say “It’ll happen,” and wait for it. Doing that keeps it as a dream instead of a vision for your current reality. This would be to deny yourself the feeling that pumps blood to your heart faster and forces you to take that breath just a little bit quicker.

Today you can take that one step closer however. Book the flight. Worry about the costs later. There is no price in the world you can put on a dream.

For me, it would be write something that inspires people but to apply this advice to anyone, think bigger. Think, ‘I’ll get out of bed at 3am to draw up a blueprint for a building I want to design.’ Think, ‘I’ll climb to the top of Machu Piccu just to scream my lungs out.’ Think, ‘Lets start a family.’

Think of your dream and make it a reality. There are always going to be barriers but if your dream is worth it, then they won’t seem like barriers, merely learning curves. Hear my clichéd words of ‘don’t wait for opportunity come to you’ and let that kick you up the back side to go and chase it.

If those words inspire you, which I doubt, then my dream has come true but I know from personal experience that actually getting up and finding your inner strength to chase a goal is easier said than done. I’ve been there, thinking that it’s possible in my future and putting off actually doing anything today. But I took my baby step and started a blog so who knows where I will go from here but what matters is that I took the step which can only mean the other foot will follow. It won’t do it by chance; I will be the one to push it.


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