A Little Thought of Happiness


I believe in the finer details in life; little bursts of joy that let you step back in third person and view how spectacular life can be.

In these moments, circumstances are forgotten, arguments become irrelevant and pride in yourself is amplified.

I don’t experience life affirming moments everyday because everyone can get caught up in living and the day-to-day routine of school stresses, home life and little dramas that seem world shattering  however every once in a while I allow myself to smile from within and really look at my life.

Friends were the topic of my out of body experience and how they can bring you so much joy and happiness simply by being themselves; so, I’m making a mental note for my future self (and anyone that might find this useful) to remind her that no matter what stresses she is going through, there are always people there that have her best interests at heart and if she remembers to step back occasionally and realise how lucky she is, then nothing in her life can ever really be bad, because at the end of the day, we are only given one life and with the short amount of time we have the ability to affect so many people’s lives simply by being the best version of ourselves we can.


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