The Cretian Island That Sells Itself

Sunset - Crete

In response to the question- describe your favourite place to visit and convey its appealing qualities- I answered Crete.

Food, heat and beautiful sunsets- no words can do the Cretian island justice!

My family and I visit Crete most summers and while making the most of the strip in Malia is fun, last summer we ventured for a change of scene- as far West as possible to relish in culture, happiness and cliches.

Hiring a car is as easy as drinking ouzo with your coffee in the morning and it is something we do every year. To be specific, we hire a Suzuki Jimny to help us trek through the beautiful Greek mountains. The mountains are an asset to Crete and are a place to find local people fascinated with English tourists driving a car with no roof or air conditioning. If you’re like my mum and are not a fan of heights or ‘idiot drivers’ (my dad) then there is plenty to do down at sea level but on the clean, stunning beaches, such as: water sports, gorging on Greek food (or actual gorging), and good old-fashioned sunbathing.

Our top spot ironically was down at sea level but in order to get to the remote beach only rumours dreamed about, we had to go through, over and round the mountains. Even my mother realised it was worth the hours of ‘terrible’ driving because the sun was about to set on the most Western part of Crete.

Sunsets are a cliche for a reason because they have so much impact on you. The Cretian people who own a few restaurants along the sea  know this which is why they offer free camping for anyone who also appreciates them. Although I wasn’t allowed to stay, I will return somehow to that beach because I can’t think of a better image to close my eyes and fall asleep to; to fall asleep in a place i’d call home; a place that makes your heart beat that little bit faster.


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