A Small Gesture of Kindness


It’s so easy.

From holding an umbrella over someone at the bus stop, to buying a homeless person a hot drink. It doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day.

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Tourist or Traveller?


“Just because a tourist would do it, it doesn’t mean a traveller shouldn’t”

Clichés are not a traveller thing right? If you want to be taken seriously then you’re not allowed to do typical tourist hotspots, do a funny pose in front of that monument, or have a laugh on a tacky banana boat, otherwise you’re not a traveller, you’re a tourist…

Wrong! Some of the best things in life are clichéd.

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The Beginning

Life and Luna

So how did it come about getting a puppy?

I believe the deciding factor was my housemate saying “Stop moping around that you want a puppy and just get one.”

So, I did.

A 3 hour car journey into the depths of Wales, in torrential rain coupled with windy back roads and farm tracks certainly proved an eventful road trip.

A stop every hour, a trip to Pets at Home and being thrown up on 3 times by a very car sick puppy who had only once left the farm, we made it home.

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Another Travel Excerpt- Monte Carlo, Monaco (June 2016)

monte carlo harbour

Monte Carlo’s well established reputation came long before Selena Gomez got mistaken for a princess. Some travellers on a budget would turn their noses up at a place known for homing yachts that belong to people with more money than time to spend it. But I didn’t go to resent people with a MUCH big travelling budget than I had, like all reasons for travelling, I went there to experience something new.

Monte Carlo is a whole lot of serenity compressed into a small space in Monaco.

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