Foreign Buses – Gran Canaria Excerpt

gran canaria bus

One of the best ways to see and appreciate culture is through the use of a country’s public transport.

Whether it is air-conditioned, full of chickens, or bustling with people from all walks of life, a bus is something that provides a confined space that is compact with culture.

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Another Travel Excerpt- Monte Carlo, Monaco (June 2016)

monte carlo harbour

Monte Carlo’s well established reputation came long before Selena Gomez got mistaken for a princess. Some travellers on a budget would turn their noses up at a place known for homing yachts that belong to people with more money than time to spend it. But I didn’t go to resent people with a MUCH big travelling budget than I had, like all reasons for travelling, I went there to experience something new.

Monte Carlo is a whole lot of serenity compressed into a small space in Monaco.

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Today is as good a day as any!


I’ll start by reiterating that thought so it sinks in… today is as good a day as any.

Again, I’m still not telling you to quit your job and run away to live in Alaska (although that is tempting). I’m telling you to realise that the day to chase your dream may as well be today. Don’t say “It’ll happen,” and wait for it. Doing that keeps it as a dream instead of a vision for your current reality. This would be to deny yourself the feeling that pumps blood to your heart faster and forces you to take that breath just a little bit quicker.

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